Thursday, 14 November 2013


TV has played a big part for the three of us, 

and we're happy that those days are over.

During the pre-adolescent era, it fulfilled our need of entertainment and an alternative group activity for us the anti-sweating bunch. It used to be filled with a whole lot of new experience and references, and we can actually learn something from the tellie; a library for the lazies.

It used to be fun.

Then we grew up, we grow old and realized that the fun is gone. It is now filled with shameless race for ratings and extravagant nonsense to create yet another "figure"

It tells you what to do, where to be, what to wear. It tells you how to feel and why you should feel that way. TV is now an obsessive cunt of a spouse.

So we left and look for new fun. Praise the Internet, right? 

Little do we know that the tellie's already in its final form; A monstrous personality making machine that feeds of off dramas and stupidity.

You always had that one friend that's tweeting anything s/he seen on TV and pretend to be the first one to say it. Another friend is sharing a heartwrenching or faux optimistic links on facebook that direct you to made-up tale from neverland. So you get to be grateful of your life, or "take a moment to reflect".  Because when it's on the interwebz, then it must be true.

And of course,  there's always somebody recording and uploading tv shows "to help other people" and "to make TV more accessible".

Viral videos as infomercial, starring Keyword Marketing as rating's new outfit and User Engagement as the concubine of performance indicator. Sex, tears and blood that are shareable are the best-sellers. Spoonful after spoonful of the same old tricks are given.
And you, good friend, are still the consumer. 

You can't escape it.

Until today, you are -still- one of the tiny, barely visible dot in the statistics. 

Everything with screens are merely tools. Don't get attached to it. Don't let it turns you into one.

We utilize these tools to get in touch with people, like our favorite musicians, for instance. We asked their permission to nicked their songs, butchered them to pieces, and covered them with noises.

For what, you might ask?

For fun, that's the main idea. To make a point and stir butthurts in the process, those are the added bonus.


Ruli _Guit, Voc
Dika _Guit
Ari _Drms, Keys, Voc
Performed, recorded, and produced by SORRA (Bandung, 2013)
under the permission of the musicians, management, the rightful owner of the songs.

Mars Penyembah Berhala
Originally by Melancholic Bitch
from Balada Joni dan Susi (2009)
via Dialectic Recordings
Originally by Tika and the Dissidents
from The Headless Songstress (2009)
via Head Records & demajors

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