Monday, 27 January 2014

Hitting for Barefood

This post will not be about us. 
If anything, this post is a curhat of our drummer and his trip with one of our kamerad of a group.


The line between idolizing a group and loving the musicality of your friend isn't that thin. It's fucking thick and annoying.

That being said, is the sole reason I was torn when Ditto and Mamet beep me up to helped them on their trip to Ipoh. As much as I want to help them out as a friend, I would never EVER want to fucked with any of their tunes. Thing is, I'm a natural in fucking other people's tunes up. Teehee. 

So we went to rehearse. Then we went on the planeride. Then we passed by plentiful of massage parlors, bars, mountains, morning crows cawing in front of the window, until we finally arrived at Ipoh station. 

The city is very laid back, the weather was nice, and the structure is pedestrian friendly. Real treat for indon eyes. After we fed ourselves with nasi ganja (NASIJUANA!!), we went for a stroll in a cave. Full bellied caving; it was awesome. 

The venue was already packed with muda-mudi perak when we arrived. Music blasted thru the roof, people already dance their ass off to the sounds. The scene's tight, the bands' were great, audience received the sweat-worthy music real well. Pretty sick.

So the gig was on, and I played safe (of course).
The set was Barefood's essentials; from Deep & Crush to Teenage Daydream. Mamet went lungsout and Ditto once again bodysurfed the crowd with his guitar; he's making it a ritual. As for me, got myself a personal achievement: I get to play my favorite Barefood tune, with the band! TRUTH, BABY!! 

Still, after the performance, I crunched the play in my head. Did it really went okay? People seem to enjoy the performance, but later I think it went a bit too punkish ;) sorry! 

So I'm writing this as a shout to the followings:
Ahmad, SOFT is anything but its name. Look forward to eat those noises again.
Aff of EFIL, thanks for the ride, the chats AND the tape! 
Azam of Citizens of IceCream, thanks for the CD!
Panjang of Virgina On Duty, thanks for the roll! 
Andri of Anoa Records, thank you for being such a solid provider. You're a terrific mother figure :*
Ditto + Mamet, thank YOU for the opportunity.

It's been an honor.

enjoy the pics below that I took as a parasitic backpacker~

 The inside tag made this tee a legit rarity 


Racun menjadi madu

The ghost of Andri

Skateable yea?

Forgot to bring this as souvenir for Ruli

The ones in pink are the belly dancers

Killer view from Ahmad's secret lair

The magnificent crescent descendants of the sky

#cityscape #nofilter #bike2work 


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