Friday, 9 November 2012

10.11.12 _____ 22

It's been three years since the release of The Day Thing Sees. It's been too long for a wait, but too short for a learning curve.

We took the time to sit down, consumed too much nicotine and caffeine, and do "the talk". Retrospecting, reconsidering everything, believing in nothing but our heads and hands. Destroying, just to give us enough reason to do some reconstructing.

In the warm embrace of uncertainty, we achieve nothing. Live for today, and today only. Not caring about what tomorrow's crap will be and kept on moving; anticipating. It was a painful process.

Then priorities set, plans made, but indecision lingers. The circles are way too comfortable with so little. The so-called 'unique individuals' are just glad they can still be here since yesterday, doing the same thing nobody noticed over and over again with no intent to accomplish more. To them, shit happens daily. They're just sitting happy receiving, telling themselves that this is good enough and they-should-be-grateful.

The most abused reason for helpless conditions.

Comfort. Denial. Gratefulness. Choice.
The recipe to the good ol life's splendid joy and mediocrity.  
Secret weapon to create more dramas about how great of a has-been we were.
Home is a cage if you can't deal with options.

We're honored to have Ojel (Veskil) and Galant Yurdian on bass for the stages throughout 2010-2011, acknowledging their capabilities helped us transform the songs to how they are today. Also Yura Yunita that came to fill our 1st single with her warm fuzz of a voice, NISHKRA who gave us permission to use his set of words for the lyrics for The Day Thing Sees, and Andry Joe Novaliano to end two tracks with sheer handsome nuances. We're psyched to have them on the record. Thank you.

This release is an homage to all people, things, and ideas stuck in their own image of a heyday. A gentle poke to yous still fishing at the same glory hole since early 2000s. A reminder to smoke a lot, drink a lot, sleep less, keep doing what you love, and not forgetting the things you grew up with. Your ideals, your dreams and plans, they're here. They're real and achievable, if you could fit yourself in the right crowd. 


The only available format is cassette tape.
Available via and bundled package of joy at WR store.
Only available for 100 well-educated earbleeders.

Original Price is Rp 17.500,-
CURRENT PRICE (per 20th of December 2017) IDR 172.500,- minus shipping.  
(shipping cost may vary)

Every 10th day of each month, we will add Rp 2.500,- to the tape's price tag, starting December 2012.

Send the wiretransfer according to your interest to:
BCA 4491248470 // Ruli Satrio
BNI 73252556 // Ari Patria
Then send us the transfer receipt, order details and shipping address to and we'll send you the tape right after.

dancergirl drawing and SORRA fonttype by Rega Ayundya Putri
cassette photo by Anitha Silvia

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