Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Notes from #hoarsetour2011

It’s 6.30 AM in Kebumen. A bright Saturday morning, a perfect start to end the event we’ve planned in chain emails chit-chat with Mamet and Argha. Perfect time to light up the first cigarettes of the day and sigh, because the notes supposedly act as a diary, turnout to be a thankyou list.


Been two months since Mamet and Argha agreed to the idea of organizing own mini tour. Purely by words on emails, purely by trust to each other’s music. Bit by bit, we started recollecting memories of putting together a show. Because at our age, most groups are already big and have people to do shits for them, or disbanded due to family or work reasons. Welcome to Indo ™.

We’re hosting the first show in Bandung. Me and Ruli wanted a landmark as the venue, so we stroll around Braga, one of the most well-known part of Bandung, and ended up in Braga Café. The people there were being really supportive, so it doesn’t take a sweat to do the show there. The sweat started to drop when the show started, though. Veskil and Neowax opened the show too awesome, they actually made us worry about failing to be the highlight (no, really). And when the curtain dropped, Barefood and Nervous did their job great. The fascination we felt the first time hearing their music lingers, and the climax already reached. So we wrapped things up quickly, then getting ready for the next location.

Barefood did an awesome job choosing BARA basement as the venue. It is –by far- one of the coolest venues in Jakarta, mostly because it’s a basement. It has that exclusive sneer people wanted so badly and the ceilings so low it gives you pride for your average height. And yes, it was totally exclusive. The crowding comments on Twitter don’t do justice to the actual audience. But at second glance, the intimate crowd was actually fans of the performers, which turn the night into an underground karaoke moshpit full of body-surf and laughs. Nervous still kickin’ well with Adit dancing and masturbating with the amps most of the time though Wisnu is suffering a very grungy illness during the two shows. Not to mention Barefood still slappin’ ears by their straight-to-your-face rock and an extra entertainment when Ditto got a lil "carried away" at the end of the set :D

Yes, it was Takbiran night for Iedul Adha, but we had a cow-slash-buffalo-slash-bison as an icon to justify the event. It was conceptually in the context. Whatever the fuck that means.


And here we are, in Kebumen. Chillin’ before tonight’s closing show. Trying to make some sense out of our actions and the times wasted of all of this. Decided not to expect anything and not to plan anything. Because we’re too good in being average, we will exploit it one more time.

We're honored to have met great bands here at #hoarsetour2011. Bands that’re so great you don’t even need to tell or care about their genre names. Bands that grabbed you by the balls and forced you to listen. We are grateful for Neowax, Veskil, StrawberryWine, Damascus, Anggisluka and Talking Coasty, for letting us shared the stage with them, for giving us such majestic sounds in a very humble ways.

And to yous came and had a late night snacks with us in Bandung, yous in Jakarta's moshpit, yous shared the sweat and bubbly drinks in Yogya, yous buying the entry tickets, yous purchasing the single-club CDs and t-shirts: thank you, tourmates! Thank you for participating!

And to our dearest trippin' company; Barefood and Nervous, thank you for doing this with us.

We will be uploading pictures and more from the 3 shows, as soon as we get some proper and decent images to show. And hopefully, there will be more of #hoarsetour next year. -A

See photos here, Credit goes to Rega Ayundya Putri and Dila Difakuma. Hi-res version of the BDG gig coming soon.

Point is, make your own shows, create your own stages, form a self-congratulatory community, whatever. If us old fucks can do it the minimal way, you younguns and your energy should enable more opportunities and options.

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